2020 Jamaica Vacation

Updated: Jun 12

I never thought that travel during and after such a difficult time for all of us would have turned out so magnificent.

Let's forget the fear, let's forget the worry and let's forget the panic just for a moment and focus on what is waiting for you in Jamaica.

What to prepare for when you leave for Jamaica:

1)Be sure you have your travel authorization approval. You must obtain this from the Jamaican Tourism Board where you will answer a few questions and you should be granted entry within 5 days of your departure.

2) Your travel authorization MUST be printed and taken with you to check-in and when you land in Jamaica; as you will be questioned at the Health Rick Assessment area prior to reaching customs and obtaining your luggage.

Certain US States and other hot spots will be required to have proof of a negative test result uploaded to the tourism board and available to present upon arrival in Jamaica.

Important Point:

When you are questioned for your health risk assessment, do not rush, do not be puffed up and do not be 'sassy' in any way. Just sit and wait calmly. The officials will start the questioning and you should answer directly, clearly, truthfully and keep it plain and simple.

Jamaicans are very respectful people and do not tolerate puffed up, rude and/or impatient behavior.

This includes if you had a bad flight, flight delays even if a baby was crying the whole flight; we know this can make one a bit irritated and upset. Be sure to be polite, respectful and answer the questions truthfully and to the point. Do not give any more information that is needed.

After all is complete you will be on your way to the time of your life friends.

We stayed at a beautiful resort called Sunset at the Palms Resort. This resort is located in Negril and is about an hour and 20 mins drive from Montego Bay airport.

This is an adults only resort and offers online check-in, airport transfers, Club Mobay service (VIP Fast track airport service) and daily meals and amenities.

The grounds are full of palm and coconut trees and all the tropical plants and birds you can ask for.

I was very impressed with all this place has to offer.

They have tree house suites and rooms for guests to stay in. Some are two levels and others are just one level. They all have a beautiful balcony with chairs, day beds, some with hammocks and the view of the gardens is amazing.