2020 Jamaica Vacation

Updated: Jun 12

I never thought that travel during and after such a difficult time for all of us would have turned out so magnificent.

Let's forget the fear, let's forget the worry and let's forget the panic just for a moment and focus on what is waiting for you in Jamaica.

What to prepare for when you leave for Jamaica:

1)Be sure you have your travel authorization approval. You must obtain this from the Jamaican Tourism Board where you will answer a few questions and you should be granted entry within 5 days of your departure.

2) Your travel authorization MUST be printed and taken with you to check-in and when you land in Jamaica; as you will be questioned at the Health Rick Assessment area prior to reaching customs and obtaining your luggage.

Certain US States and other hot spots will be required to have proof of a negative test result uploaded to the tourism board and available to present upon arrival in Jamaica.

Important Point:

When you are questioned for your health risk assessment, do not rush, do not be puffed up and do not be 'sassy' in any way. Just sit and wait calmly. The officials will start the questioning and you should answer directly, clearly, truthfully and keep it plain and simple.

Jamaicans are very respectful people and do not tolerate puffed up, rude and/or impatient behavior.

This includes if you had a bad flight, flight delays even if a baby was crying the whole flight; we know this can make one a bit irritated and upset. Be sure to be polite, respectful and answer the questions truthfully and to the point. Do not give any more information that is needed.

After all is complete you will be on your way to the time of your life friends.

We stayed at a beautiful resort called Sunset at the Palms Resort. This resort is located in Negril and is about an hour and 20 mins drive from Montego Bay airport.

This is an adults only resort and offers online check-in, airport transfers, Club Mobay service (VIP Fast track airport service) and daily meals and amenities.

The grounds are full of palm and coconut trees and all the tropical plants and birds you can ask for.

I was very impressed with all this place has to offer.

They have tree house suites and rooms for guests to stay in. Some are two levels and others are just one level. They all have a beautiful balcony with chairs, day beds, some with hammocks and the view of the gardens is amazing.

Pathways are swept and cleaned daily and you can always take a beautiful morning walk with sounds of the birds, tropical air and say a quick hello to neighboring guests.

The administration and support at this resort work with excellence. From guest services, event planning, house keeping, the restaurant staff; they all serve you with poise and honor. They truly go out of their way to treat you like royalty. Their first priority is that guests are satisfied, feel safe and are comfortable.

**Temperatures from all staff and guests and checked daily and throughout the day. Staff keeps a record of all guest temperatures and hand sanitization is mandatory prior to entering the restaurants**.

Should you need or have any issue with anything at all, they go out of their way to follow up, fix and/or bring it to you. This is something I admire about this place. They do not want their guests to want for anything; they expect their guests to be satisfied and properly accommodated.

Open pavilion, tables spaced for distancing, just beautiful
Palm Grove Restaurant

Meal times are prompt, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have menus ready to present to you. Prior to dining temperatures are checked and recorded and they escort you to your table appropriately set for social distancing.

Rotisserie lamb chops with mash potatoes

Roasted fish fillet

Tender beef ribs with corn and seasoned rice.

From this you can see, I never missed dinner.

During breakfast they usually have a Jamaican dish that is off the menu, you can always request that if you'd rather something local.

They have a beautiful beach just across a main road, which they have a crossing guard to assist you to get across. The beaches are absolutely beautiful, warm and the salt water, wow; I can't get enough. The beaches are clean, the attendant will bring over your sun chairs, towels, drinks and all you need to do is relax.

In Negril it rains daily but doesn't last long, however when it does be sure to use the umbrella they provide for you inside the closet in your suite (great touch!) But I preferred to just lay on the beach in the rain, was perfect for me.

***But please be advised that when it rains and you're in the water, sometimes the jelly fish come out and come close to shore; I did see one in the water and it did surprise me. If you like them, just stay clear. Jelly fish have up to 24 eyes and will move when they see you (however some just drift with the current). But not always do we see them and that can cause an accidental sting, so please be very careful. I'd recommend one of your party bring or use a snorkel just in case***

When you want to have some pampering, they have a wonderful spa with professional attendants to massage you and you come out with a new body; I have never had such a good massage in years, absolutely was spot on.

You are going to have a magnificent time when you stay at this amazing place. I know we will be back every year, I have truly made a new family at Sunset at the Palms and will never forget how they made our stay perfect and memorable.

I can't thank them enough.

I hope this blog has enticed you to want to visit this amazing place.

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Happy Travels!


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