5 things to do when you visit Young Island, St. Vincent

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Young Island lays 200 yards from the shores of St. Vincent and is the most northern island of all the Grenadines. This young, quiet and private paradise is modernly kept and the lands are immaculate with green plants, trees and local flowers. We came here to spend the day for complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

The boat ride over was very fun, it was not long at all in total about 3-4 minutes . This ride is complimentary from Young Island, but it would be wise to hold some tip money as you go along.

Upon our arrival we checked-in at the main desk which was very efficient and courteous. We received our keys for our cottage room we rented for the day and was off to enjoy.


First activity was the water snorkeling.

Fishes are everywhere, you can see the beautiful fish families under the water. The staff provides you with snorkel gear which was great.

You're able to see areas where there is minor coral and sea urchins in the shallow areas; mind you, please don't stand on them. Off in to the deeper areas you see more depth of the sea and more life, it's the most beautiful sight. After all, you are not far from the boats that harbor on the docks close by. If you are an expert swimmer, perhaps you could swim over to them.

2)Fine Dining

Shortly after we rested up before we had a magnificent lunch and beverage that was included in our daily package. The meal was served with wonderful service, our waitress was very warm and informative. She was superb with all the knowledge of the food and ingredients. They first served lovely warm fresh baked bread, there was a choice of about 10 different kinds, fresh, warm and delicious. Then you're offered a beverage and you order your meal with your dessert as well.

I ordered the fried salmon with a lovely fish sauce, was delicious


To follow, we indulged in relaxing in our beach front cottage suite this was immaculate, clean and well presented. Complete with a sleeping area, sitting area, bathroom, clean towels and an out door shower; Was just lovely. There was an additional view to the shores of the water with a sitting patio area, complete serenity.

Door entrance to beach front cottage suite

4) Spa

Going to the island spa for the ultimate massage was just right after a day of water activities. This was extra and was not included in the day package.

5)Hammock Rest

I think this was my favorite part. After all that excitement for one day, rest on the soft swaying hammock in the warm breeze and sleeping to the sound of the sea was absolutely wonderful. That really finished off our day well and we felt completely refreshed and rejuvenated upon our departure. After a quick check-out and thank you. We made our way back to the main land of St. Vincent.

I hope you enjoyed my lovely sharing of Young Island, St. Vincent. This place is definitely worth the visit.

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Happy travels to you.

her beach bag

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