6 Ways, how to be a Super Woman, traveling solo?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Who said you can't do this, of course you can. You have a valid travel document, you can go anywhere, on the planet Earth.

First let's put all your thoughts, options and choices in to order.

You a super woman

Follow these 6 suggestions and you'll be on your way.

I mean come on, how hard can it be.

Let's first go over the things you may probably miss.

Familiar company, night time company, dinner company, a shopping partner, someone to say "wow check this out" to? Someone to hold your camera to take your snaps. Not a big deal because all of that can be overtaken.


Do your research, on where you want to go. There are tons of places for solo women to travel, many of which are more popular than others. If you fancy Europe; there's Italy (Calabria, Capri, Milan, Rome, Naples), Spain ( Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia), Austria (Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Linz) just to name a few, there are tons more.


Ensure you prepare for the worst and hope for the best, know all embassy's, local police stations, basic language lingo, which trains, bus stops take you to the airport, learn the area reputations, check all feed backs and reviews and also even maybe contact some people who have already been there and inquire.

3) Decide which hotel, Air bnb or hostel will you be staying at. Check all reviews and feedback on all places.

Book a stay of 2 nights or more to enjoy our City Experience offer, which includes accommodation, breakfast, a City Pass, and an excursion or activity depending on the destination!

4) Be financially prepared, have enough cash and cards on you to sustain. More folks prefer to have 1 visa or 1 MasterCard and that's what they'll use for the whole time they are away. Cash can always be stolen or lost, but perhaps bring a debit/ATM card in case.

5) Inform who you need to inform, family, friends and keep copies of all documents, confirm all reservations and you're good to go.

6) Walk of faith, lets get going.

Enjoy the step out of the box.

Take in every moment and every piece of it.

You never thought your could do it, but you did it. Then soon you realize, why did you not do this much sooner.

Take in each view, each peaceful moment. Learn to eat alone and not feel embarrassed.

Know that you are a super woman, powerful, fearless and beautiful.

You are sitting on top of the world with this new venture.

Final warning(s), I would definitely suggest, never trust anyone 100%, e.g. be dropped off perhaps a block away from your actual lodging spot, keep questions and answers very loose ended, e.g. someone says, how long are you here for? Just say something like " a short while or a few days", don't flash too much money, stay aware of your surroundings, be sure to enter your room when no one is around, I don't like anyone seeing which hotel room I go in to. Use different roots, once familiar with area.

Consider the step out the box, who knows what it can bring to you.

Be more courageous, empowered, less afraid and more social. New friends will come, new acquaintances will come. Loneliness? no worries, you have already made enough plans that will ignite company for you.

You are traveling solo, no deadlines for anyone, no one to wait on, no late comers, your time, your convenience.

Thank you again for joining me, I hope you liked this one. If you do plan on traveling solo, share your experience with us and we'd love to hear from you.

As always please let's connect and receive your free gift.

Happy Travels!!

Kay Be.

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