Best Beach Towels for 2020

Updated: Mar 6

Let's get you beach ready

Can I use a bath towel as a beach towel?

What do you usually find at the beach? Water, sun, sand and heat. Then you have the odd, splash pad, pool, water slide, bathroom facility, restaurants and few other things right?

Do yourself a favor and invest in good beach towels, specifically made for the beach. Your best bath towels are too thick, too fluffy, most are dull colored and too heavy. They are made to absorb water and then to be hanged out to dry; that's pretty much it right?

A luxury beach towel is made lighter in weight, thinner to dry you off and then dries quickly in the sun. Most are designed with bright colors, patterns and quality materials to do the job correctly.

Picture this..

When you take a break from the beach and need to use the facilities, hold a beach chair or get a snack, you'll need to wrap your towel around you. It wraps more secure than a bath towel or bath sheet, it's thinner and the style and design of a beach towel can be shown off and you make a beach fashion statement, right?

Have you ever seen beach goers with the perfect beach towel, matching purse, matching picnic blanket, basket and umbrella? Their whole beach set up just makes you stare and look away wishing you could represent like that? It does for some of us I'm sure.

There is nothing like having your beach setup as comfortable, cute and smart as you'd like your living room or bathroom to be. It's some what like bringing a section of your home with you to the beach. It should be good quality, trendy, and represent you; there should be no need to change it for each trip.

After a day at the beach you set aside your beach gear and setup in the garage, house closet, shed, conservatory or utility room and keep it neat, clean and ready to go on the next beach trip.

Quality beach towels are made for you to carry lightly, dry off quicker, maintain cleanliness as they are made to dry off in the sun. Towels for the home, retain the water and will stay wet for quite some time.