Best Places to Visit in Barbados

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

When you go to Barbados, where are you going to go, what is there to do?

St. Michael:

Home to lovely Rihanna Fenty and located in the capital city of Bridgetown. This historic parish is located in Saint Michael's Parish with the 3rd oldest parliament in the western world. Developed with modern shopping centers and commercial buildings.

If you want to see water as clear as crystal please make your way to Carlisle Bay, this is definitely a place where me and my beach bag will be returning. Just basting in that hot sun is amazing with all 3 elements working together sun, sea and sand..does a complete rejuvenation for your skin.

Places to Stay in St. Michael, Barbados:

Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados

Hilton Barbados Resort

Palm Garden Hotel

These places offer lovely service and are fully equipped with free wifi and free parking. Or if you prefer you can always grab a nice Airbnb in the area and accommodate yourself.

I guess it's all on your preference. Sometimes I feel like we work so hard at home, I’d rather be served and waited on and fed with service.

Though I love Airbnb, you have to do all things for your yourself, so it all depends on what you like.

St James:

This was my favorite place to stay. Known to be located in the platinum part of Barbados with beautiful beaches and an excellent variety of places to dine, there is always something happening every night; you absolutely cannot get bored here or accidentally fall asleep because there is always some type of entertainment happening.

So much night life here. Another

wonderful place to stay. Here is the magnificent Sandy Lane Hotel is located and many celebrities stay here; sometimes you can spot there from afar.

The Lime grove Lifestyle Center has a variety of cuisines for dining including Italian , modern Asian and Greek foods. If I felt for non- island food there are others that I can try as well, I really loved that there were so many options, compliments to the chefs!!

Ever see yourself swimming with turtles?

Yes and yes, this is a very popular activity in Barbados. There are many places that offer this fun piece of pleasure. The Coconut Beach Hotel is a sanctuary for these wonderful creatures with equipped staff to maintain their nesting grounds. Several tours are available, the Barbados Blue is very well known for being a PADI 5 star dive resort that train and certify all students as well as supporting special foundations and provides information on current conditions on the coral bleaching and other ecological issues. It’s good to have a place that takes so much consideration for the wildlife and environment. This place is everything I could ask for.

Who can imagine more fun than to be able to swim with these amazing creatures.

Our destination of the month of June has come to an end and we thank all of our new members and followers for sharing and reading with us.

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Happy Travels!!

Kay Be

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