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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Stop Arguing and just take a Vacation -

16.5004° S, 151.7415° W

So you want to take your partner somewhere special? Or maybe you want to do something special for the both of you; and so you should. You see all the arguing on and off and complaining for so long? Maybe it's time to take 'a time out' for your own pleasure. You deserve it don't you?

Have you ever considered going somewhere out of your comfort zone, somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific maybe? You're probably wondering what are the co-ordinates for, 16.5004° S, 151.7415° W. Well, this is the location of a tiny romantic paradise called Bora Bora, Island in French Polynesia.

The amount of couples, family and groups who come and indulge on this paradise is incredible. The extension of the villas into the water has become a favorite attraction of many. Who else can imagine sleeping and staying within and above the water; it's literally like having all of your vacation at your utmost convenience.

Clear waters, coral, ocean animals surrounding you, dive in and swim at your convenience. Natures way of attracting you and mans way of comforting you.


Just the place you want to be.

Let me ask you, can you see yourself booking a place like this for you and that special someone? Looking at it from a birds eye just makes you want to dive in the photograph doesn't it? Just remember, these opportunities don't come about very often, I mean we work too hard, stressed out, kids and rushing. How about you take advantage of your time for YOU and rejuvenate in a place like Bora Bora or the Maldives.

If you enjoy endless aquatic activity, swimming with turtles, sharks, ocean sea fish and more exotic ocean life. Jumping and splashing in to clear aqua water, Swimming beneath your accommodation to see your partner relaxing inside. Learning about new fish and tasting the essence of natural living.

Just imagine a bath setting much like this one, something for the both of you. Running warm water, flower petals, candles, champagne, view of the ocean, soft warm skin to lay on, looking in to each other's eyes and indulging in this intimate ambiance. You don't even need music, the sound of the ocean is just enough.

With gentle touches of Asian and Indian culture and its unique design, this paradise is calling you for it's warm welcome.

How often does this even happen with you when you're home, let me guess, every valentines day and anniversary? Haha... no, let's make it happen sooner than later.

This place is not in the Americas, not Europe and no where on the beautiful continent of Africa. We are talking in the middle of the South Pacific and Indian ocean, no where else close in sight.

Why don't you two make an agreement, put away a few $100 per month and save up for this luxury. Remember luxury does not coming easy for the average 'Joe' working the 9-5. But the average 'Joe' deserves it more than those who take it for granted.

I hope you liked this blog on this wonderful paradise.

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Happy Travels!


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