Fine dining in Barbados

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

One of the best places to eat in Barbados

What does fine dining mean to you? To me, it means ingredients, ambiance, harmony, genius and value. Qualities like these are what you will encounter at Tides Restaurant, in St. James Barbados.

Upon entering, you are acknowledged and greeted like royalty, I was offered additional comfort to my seating, was congratulated on our upcoming family plans and was kindly shown to our table.

Such an enchanting entrance upon entering in to this restaurant, we were greeted with such courtesy and welcome. The complimentary valet services was also a lovely touch.

The open exposures to the sea water was beautiful, hence the name, Tides. This enriched the sense of ambiance and total atmosphere. Sea waves and soothing sounds gave the perfect amount of breeze to gently brush your face, keeping any hairstyle you have ladies in tact.

The view of sea is exquisite and adds to your delight and satisfaction.

The culinary staff talents at this restaurant have the capacity to create something new out of something that already exists; pure genius. They deserve an A++ for their skills and presentation.

Meals are cooked to perfection for a taste of value that is very hard to forget. Your server absorbs every note and pays attention to the fine details of your order and presents you, with your expectation.

The idea behind this amazing restaurant shows a clear and precise vision of its leadership. I will always appreciate all levels of staff from the valet attendants to the executive chef for the experience we had and we will most definitely be returning again.

I hope you enjoyed my share on this wonderful dining experience. If you have ever been to Tides, please share your experience with me.

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