Let's bring that Social Distancing from Italy Home - How To Make Italian Bruschetta

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Bring home your favorite Italian meal appetizer


2 ripe Italian tomatoes

3 scallions/green onions/spring onions

Mozzarella cheese

French bread baguette

1/4 of a red onion

White wine vinegar

Sprig of fresh basil

Olive oil

and have some salt handy

Preparation time: 20 mins

1) Dice up the tomatoes, green onions, red onion and fresh basil and place in a bowl and toss.

2) Pour a cap full of vinegar on the mixture and two cap fulls of olive oil and gently sprinkle some salt (less than a teaspoon) and set a side.

(ensure the ratio of vinegar and oil is to your liking to taste)

3) Slice up the cube of cheese in squares close to 2"x2" inches in size.

4) Slice up the baguette bread on an angle about an inch thickness is size.

5) Take a cookie sheet, cover with oven paper or foil and place each bread on the sheet separately. Sprinkle some olive oil on each of the breads with the cap as per the video.

6) Place the cheese on the breads and place the breads with the cheese under the broil for about 1-2 mins (or until cheese is gently melted)

7) Remove breads from oven and place the mixture on each and serve.

You can always add some feta cheese on top if you like or simply enjoy the appetizer with some grapes and wine.