Let's chat Toronto hotel's

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

1 of Toronto's many best hotels

Usually when one thinks of hotel's they automatically think of $$$, budgets, budgets and more budgets. Yes, budgeting is a very smart thing to do, but treats are just as good.

Do some of us remember when we were younger, our elders told us when you do this, you'll get this? and we were always excited and couldn't wait for it? Well, you work hard and deserve to take a load off and be treated like royalty sometimes.

Bringing to you, the fabulous city of Toronto, Ontario

Of course this is my home town as well.

Toronto is full of diversity and culture.

One will experience entertainment, locals and city life all at once. One place recommended highly for couples, families and friends is lodging at the The Grand Hotel & Suites:

I have stayed here many times and each time has been wonderful. This hotel is located in our city center, close to all shopping, businesses and theaters. You are greeted upon arrival by valet services and on to checking in.

My favorite place here was being at the pool, totally feels like a haven, very spacious, change rooms are clean and adequate. They have a beautiful hot tub for adults and the kids can have all the fun they want in the pool. They don't have a slide, but enough space for fun and games.

Breakfast, they have included with most of their packages. Meals are served in a beautiful dining hall that leads out to an outdoor covered conservatory with birds and fresh breeze on a beautiful summer morning. Food is always fresh and continues replenishment for all guests.

Accommodations are immaculate, very clean, secure and well presented. Hallways are elegant with ceiling chandeliers (these photos are professional, however I am one who expects what I see on their website and that is what you get). The suites are exactly as presented on their website friends; and very pleasing that you're getting good value.

They also offer amenities like fitness club, spa, concierge and underground valet and an 8000 sq ft roof top patio with two hot tubs outside, very romantic.

I hope you can enjoy this luxurious hotel as I did and many others. I hope it will be a delight to you and yours.

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