My 5 reasons to visit Barbados again..

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Barbados, Barbados, lets go to Barbados. This magnificent Caribbean island is most definitely one of my favorites; and I'm sure for many others as well..

Reason 1) Lodging

Spectacular locations, views and resorts. They are plentiful with places to stay, hotels, villas, Airbnb accommodations and more.

We stayed at a lovely fully equipped Airbnb home, it was located in Bridgetown, very close to St. James. This place was absolutely beautiful, the host, her name was Jane. She had this place looking immaculate. Newly renovated, clean and fully stocked with everything we needed.

This was the kitchen and dining area.  Stocked fridge, cupboards and fully secured front and back door.

Beautiful porch patio and fabulous view overseeing the lovely land of Barbados.

Reason 2) Entertainment

Amenities and resources nearby. Grocery stores, beaches, restaurants, clubs everything you can think of that comes with an entertainment district; it's there. St. James area is very lively at night, they have karaoke at many of the bars and lounges. Local island food is always cooking, smells of the food fill the streets, locals and tourists are mingling; awesome atmosphere.