Why her beach bag travel blog?

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Welcome to her beach bag from Sunrise Dream Vacations by Kay Be.

Every time we visit a tropical island, we have to make it a priority to spend a day at the beach; basting in the sun, feeling the warm sand and beautiful sea breeze on our face.

Her beach bag goes everywhere she goes and there's always something new she finds to place in there for everyone to share.

Unlike the normal sunscreen, bathing suite, sun glasses, goggles, flip flops and towels like most beach bags; her beach bag changes every time she's on the go. She secretly slips in a new ounce of spice and flavor from where she has been to where she is going. Where is she taking you on her first introduction? To the tiny islands of the Caribbean.

When you think of Caribbean travel, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me guess Rum??...the sun, heat, breeze, Caribbean hotels or Caribbean food? Well, yes these are very popular factors all the Caribbean islands have in common.

But have you seen or known how they differentiate to one another? What is unique about each of them? Why are the cuisines different, do they listen to the same Caribbean music, is the life style go go go like most places on the globe, what different things are there to do, are the people all the same? These are the spices and flavors that carry along with her beach bag to share and inform you to prepare you for your next Caribbean vacation.

Thousands of travelers visit the Caribbean daily and in her beach bag she meets and gets to know what’s new and exciting, what’s different and what's interesting.

She looks forward to keeping in touch with you.

Contact details: info@herbeachbag.com or reach her on Instagram @herbeachbag.