Why Negril Jamaica is the place to be?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Have you ever considered staying in Negril?

Wondered what Negril hotels, Negril resorts, Negril beaches, Negril all inclusive's are like?

Well, Negril is one of the top notch places to visit in Jamaica and then some.

How can you explain beauty and paradise placed on cliffs of rock, created specifically to merge in to its surroundings. This escape is highly cherished for the 'in-the-know' prestige traveler maintaining elegance, class and service to all guests.

For those special moments with that special someone, among many options the Couples Negril Resort is full of romantic ambiance and special moments for that extra special quality time.

This place has amazing views of the beach and the gardens, everything just goes hand in hand with the beauty, you'll love it. Four restaurant cuisine options from Caribbean to Asian, just wonderful.

This is a place that I know my beach bag will have to follow-up with many times over..haha

Can you imagine, this view every morning, sometimes I wish I can just turn over and wake up to this scenery... one day, soon hopefully.

Fast history as per Wikipedia:

The name Negril is a shortened version of Negrillo (Spanish: Little black one), as it was originally named by the Spanish in 1494. A theory holds that because there was a vast population of black eels along Negril's coast, the Spaniards called the area Anguila Negra which was shortened to Negrillo and then to Negril. Although Negril has a long history, it did not become well known until the second half of the twentieth century.

Hmmm isn't that interesting, there's always some special history hidden behind these fabulous places, always nice to take a peek at it.

Negril is definitely a place to jot down on your travel list, its beauty and ambiance is most certainly satisfying.

Thank you again for reading this blog on Negril, please keep a look out for more shares on Jamaican food, music and other places to go.

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Happy Travels to you!

Kay Be

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