Why you should visit Palm Island

Updated: May 25, 2020

This hidden escape presents palms and more palms, you can tell that already by the amount of palms just from this photo. Palm Island is a part of the Grenadine islands in the Caribbean, just one mile from Union Island and is accessible only by boat.

"The boat ride should not be too rough, just don't eat anything before boarding, that's what I always do".

The island was originally known as Prune Island until the owners planted numerous palms to magnify the land. The island is mainly Caribbean culture and shares the love of Caribbean music and local seafood cuisine.

Wildlife residents make this escape a hot spot to see sea turtles, geckos, hermit crabs and more in all their glory. Post hurricane Ivan in 2004, it washed away much of the islands beauty. However, soon after the tropical wildlife returned to the island to make their habitat home once again.

"Can you see yourself actually swimming next to one of these? Wow, they are such a pleasure to look at, swimming and gliding so beautifully; just amazing to watch".

The resort offers many activities like bike riding on the island, tennis and sports, you can take a ride over to Union Island, mountain hiking, watching the beautiful starlit sky’s at night time and many more amazing activities.

When can you say was the last time you experienced torquoise seas, warm temperature to perfection. Sun, sun, sun, sea and sand, all-inclusive service and enjoyment; it's been a while for many of us. But we all need to take a load off and just indulge right?

How about you let me know when you're going maybe we can all take a trip to Palm Island and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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